What would you like to see?

Is there anything that you’d like to see on Caster.IO that we do not have already? If so, please comment here.


Hi Donn, I like to see some tutorials about some topics in Computer Science, like Algorithms, Data Structure, etc…

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I am new to this website and I have been thinking to buy a yearly subscription. The lessons here are really top notch and would help me to solve many practical problems of mine.

But recently I have been assigned to a Flutter project and have been working on the framework heavily so I would like see some Flutter lesson addressing real world problem, for insurance, state management with bloC pattern.

@mohammedalaa545 thanks for the recommendation, we’ll consider some of these topics.

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We have an instructor working on a Flutter course right now actually. Stay tuned … :slight_smile:


A course on Kotlin Coroutines would be really nice now that it’s stable. I hope you can put it together!


We are definitely working on that Albert. :slight_smile:

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I would like to see in-depth course on
Dagger 2.
Code organization in an Android project.

Hi @donnfelker, I agree with @mohammedalaa545. Related to this topic the course could be also focused on an Android Dev job interview, like most commons questions, solving problems exercises (Algorithms…), Android framework fundamentals questions, etc…

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I wasn’t a fan of the MVVM course that was created by Eric Maxwell. I felt like it was way below the quality of the other courses on Caster.io and I was really disappointed that the project chosen was to create a “tip calculator” app.

Is there any chance we could get another course with a different perspective of MVVM using relevant technologies such as Dagger2, Retrofit, RxJava/Coroutines, and other jet pack goodies? And please make the project more intriguing. I really enjoyed Joe Birch’s course on Clean Architecture and I’d love to see his take on the MVVM architecture.

Workmanager would be great to have a course on as well.

Also, I’d really enjoy a course on the Navigation component.

Better yet, have all of these included in a new MVVM course!

Any updates on the course on Coroutines @donnfelker ? Any ETA? Want to use them and will probably save me some time in learning how to use them :blush:

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No update just yet. We had a problem with the course that we had. We’re working on a new one now.

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Hey there, I’m surprised to hear this. In fact, this is the first negative criticism of the course I’ve heard (I’m not joking).

Making a project “more intriguing” is subjective, in my opinion. I might find a weight tracker for fitness intriguing while you find a project management app more your style. Its hard to find something that fits the bill for everyone. We try to ensure that we teach a concept as best possible, irregardless of the content.

That said, if you could change 3 things in this course, what would they be?

How should we break big project in modules based on feature.
similar to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrnhIgFzgns&amp=

I’d rather wait until 1.3 has been released. (Currently still at 1.3.0-M1). The reason for this is that the next release will (hopefully) include Kotlin Flows out of an experimental stage, so I would expect to see those in the course if released. The full support for cold streams will bring it closer to RxJava, so it would be a perfect time to start adopting coroutines in new Kotlin projects as a replacement of rx.

In terms of the course content, I’d like to see this implemented in MVVM architecture. A perfect candidate would be a multiple network call with transformation, local caching and some background operations on the way.

Hi. I’d like to see courses related to:

  1. A project that combines ViewModel, LiveData, Databinding and MVI.
  2. About modularization and dynamic features on Android.
  3. Unit Test with Robolectric 4 plus Espresso [using isolated Fragments/Activities]

Thank you for the great job you’re doing.

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Hey, it would be nice a flutter course

Id like to see transcripts of the lesson…so i can quickly search the transcript to see if the video covers what I am interested in before watching the video

A new MVVM course with refreshed contents like Coroutines,Dagger, and Jetpack components will be a great addition to existing courses.


It’d be nice to have Certificates that we can post on our linkedin and resumes