Should I switch from Native Android then Flutter vs React Native vs NativeScript which?

After spending 5 years in Native Development thinking to switch to hybrid technologies.
Which will be best?

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Personally, I’ve been watching Flutter a lot. I many clients who have two teams. One for Android and one for iOS.

The thing is, the app needs to be a greenfield app for this to really work. When done this way, I think you have a lot of power. Also, I tend to stick with the Material Widgets. You can get a great looking app out (with 80/20 rule applied) with the Material Design theme and Flutter.

You get good testing, good perf on both platforms and a single codebase. Of course, every platform has its challenges, but this one I’ve been watching for awhile and it still appeals to me.


do you think market demand will shift to “Flutter” or other hybrid from “Native Android” ?

I don’t think Native Android is going anywhere any time soon. I feel that the Flutter team knows that there are a huge number of apps that could benefit from cross platform support and productivity. Imagine a note taking app, or a calorie tracker. The only platform specific integrations you might want would be the health integrations and some notifications/etc. Other than that 90% of the app is the same.

In an MVP (minimum viable product) situation you most likely are not going to have everything you want so the % will be lower.

Will it ever replace it? Probably not, but its one of those things that I’m going to bring up to my clients as an option so we can evaluate if it’s a fit or not. Personally, I’d love to have both apps done. :slight_smile:


thank you , i realy appreciate your time

If it’s true that Google’s Fuscia will take over as their sole OS, then Flutter will become huge as that is the SDK for Fuscia. If you are building mobile apps right now I think it makes sense to start learning Flutter.

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Thanks Donn…when can we expect tut for flutter on caster :sweat_smile:

Like Ionic/Cordova without giving updates…those app load new webpages and other stuff…can it be possible with flutter or react native?
hope u got my exact point of query…

If you believe in modularity as a successful ideology, then Fuchsia OS is the Android of 10 years ago. Fuchsia OS supports Flutter as it’s native “app creation” method. If you take this path to “app” creation, it opens up the possibility of learning Flutter to write apps for Mobile & Web - with Foldable phones and Chromebooks becoming more popular the distinction between Mobile & Web is becoming less & less obvious, it is more likely developers will emerge that know how to write “apps” for all of these form factors vs developers who become skilled in accomplishing both native Android & iOS development or in cross-mobile development.

Doesn’t quite answer your question, but it changes it slightly to “What area do you want to grow in to?” because the future is always changing.

Unanswered question - where does this leave the Apple ecosystem?

Thats a great response Paul. Depends on where you want to grow into.

10 years ago we barely had android much less things like robots that could do backflips.

Keep your eye on the horizon and learn what interests you because you’ll never have time to learn it all.